Welcome to Studio Eleven17

We are an Indigenous consulting group dedicated to using Indigenous research, storytelling and digital media to support Indigenous communities and organizations to realize their goals and aspirations. 

Our approach animates the visions and voices of Indigenous communities and organizations and strengthens their capacity to gather and share knowledge that is rightful and relevant to them. 

We also work with government and non-Indigenous organizations looking to strengthen their responses to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action by helping them to promote cultural safety and improve hiring, diversity and inclusion policies and procedures. 

Story behind the name

Our first office was established in 2011 in North Bay, Ontario, where highways 11 and 17 intersect. It is the centre point from East to West and South to North. In our culture the four directions bring great teachings. As we reflect on those teachings in the work we do, the East brings in our Thinking, the South is Collaborating with others, the West is Doing great work and the North is leading in Change Making.

Our creative journey has expanded into North Bay, Ottawa and Toronto.